miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013

Good Morning Voldemort!

Hoy he empezado los exámenes, y he terminado la parte de álgebra con esta canción en la cabeza. Van a ser unas semanas largas... (pero eh, mola un pegote).

Lyrics ~ 

Oh, oh, oh woke up today, ready to say that I'm all yours
Oh, oh, you're battling someone who I can't beat
But you will defeat
That boy with the scar
And we will go far
Put a Dark Mark in the sky above
Oh, oh, oh, then I will be with the man and the snake that I love

Good Morning Voldemort!
The sun rises with the Dark Lord
How I wish you would rise for me
So just fulfill that prophecy
Good Morning Voldemort!
And when you put and end to this war
This girl's gonna wake up to see
Voldemort and me

Oh, oh, oh, you set me free when I used to be in Azkaban
Oh, oh, oh, if you don't love me that would be worse
Than the Killing Curse
Oh, you split your soul
But I'll make you whole
And find all the pieces and you will see
Oh, oh, that I'll be your Horcrux so stick your soul inside of me!

Good Morning, Voldemort!
You're not Tom Riddle anymore
I lose the breath that is in my lungs
When you start speaking Parsel Tongue
Good Morning, Voldemort!
Now that Snape has dispatched Dumbledore
This girl's gonna wake up to see
Voldemort and me!

For you I would go above and beyond
You know I would love to hold your wand
We'll be together, I'm sure of that now
And we're gonna make that Unbreakable Vow

Oh, oh, oh, say you'll be mine and my heart will fly like a Hippogriff
Oh, oh, the Mirror of Erised shows me you
And it shows me too!
I promise you this
That a Dementor's Kiss
Would just send me running into your arms
Oh, oh, oh, I'd feel so safe like I'm under your Patronus Charm
(Good Morning, Good Morning, under your Patrous Charm)

I love you, Voldemort!
Though you are rotten to the core
My love is never witherin'
For the true heir of Slytherin
And I promise Voldemort
I'll be your servant forever more
And I hope that you'll service me
When we're married we'll be
Voldemort and me

(Yes someday this girl's gonna be)
Voldemort and me!

(Yes Bellatrix is gonna be)
Voldemort and me!

new lyrics © 2010 by Dylan White

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